• 2021.06.09


The Rack and Pinion Sliders Synchronizing System We have adopted R.a.P.s. in our all counter flow rolling machine series. Because of our continuous effort and innovation, it is possible for us to get longer durability and high process accuracy. It is important to sychronize left and right sliders/dies for precise accuracy. In our rolling machine series we have adopted “2 Rack gears and 1 pinion gear” since we developped the machine. (See note 1) Advantages of R.a.P.s Stable repeatability and accuracy. Less distortion and less thermal expansion and degradation after continuous processing. High reproducibility to home position on both ways (forward and backward). Easy maintenance/ adjustment. The structure of R.a.P.s. can avoid direct process load. Therefore, it can maintain stable accuracy in high process load and high speed processing. The difference of drive system such as a hydraulic motor and a servomotor Slide’s finish process We add hand scraping on slides to meet high accuracy, high rigidity, long service life, and high productivity. Because of the below “Advantages of scraping” we can get high reliability on our machines. (See note 2) Advantages of hand scraping Improving accuracy on slide surface Enhancing more smooth movement Improving lubrication on slide surface Sample of process accuracy   Pith diameter =φ23.95, No. of gear […]